If I had a Million Dollars..The Catch is….my @Blogher NaBloPoMo For 11/1/13

If I had a million dollars…of course there is a catch..isn’t there always…and I had to spend it all by nightfall…(not so easy right!)

1. Figure out what the IRS’S cut would be….$300,000 ….no use spending the $$$ if your going to end your a** in jail for being a tax fraud. So 30% is gone…70% left to go…

2. Take 10% or $100,000  of that cash and donate it to the following charities….(in equal 1% checks)..No particular order.. But God vet’s his 10% cause that’s what the good book says! Only 60% left…

Smaritans Purse…(check em out online)

Operation Home front ( I am a Former Military Spouse)

Autism Speaks

Salvation Army

Red Cross

Feed the children

United Way

Northern Lakes Food Shelf

Now I have a feeling that I am at 1/2 day to go….

Now I have focus selfishly on myself….So…

I am poor…seriously poor…I support a family of four on $744.00 a month! ( No joke)

I also am in great need of my 17th surgery that my insurance WILL NOT cover. I have spoken to the only surgeon I trust to do the work that is needed to correct my “mistakes” that have for the rest of my life left me disabled and in pain…the price tag $33,000-$45,000 depending on any complications and worst-case scenario happening… ($400,00-$45,000=$355,000)

So let’s see I have $355,000 left so let me see here…

$180,000 To have the ability to move my self and my children from the low-income housing aka  projects into a home that has the insurance paid…where we can finally have freedom to relax, pain and enjoy a slice of the “american dream!”

With the $175,000 remaining in the balance….

$25,000 savings account set up for my boys so when I’m gone…I can be sure they have enough for college and a chance at starting out debt free. ($$ won’t replace me but leaving my kids stuck with my debt won’t help make it any easier)  Balance to Spend $125,000

$25,000 Is set to hire an Attorney and to clear up my debt..what’s the point of being all squared away with IRS, Uncle Sam, The Big Man Upstairs, My Kids, have a home paid for only to have the dang creditors to lean on it and take it all away…Balance to Spend $100,000

$25,000 Used to be mixed between savings, investment, retirement accounts so I am getting myself back on track…It’s amazing when your well and working in your college educated profession..how you never plan for or assume that your life can change in an instant and you end up living below the poverty line..kids in tow…. Balance to Spend $75,000

$ 40,000 Used to get 2 fully paid for, off the lot, no work needed on, insurance paid up on quality ,
dependable vehicles…Again Poverty is a Bitch and so are cars that you have to dump $$ into constantly! Balance left to Spend $35,000

$5,000 To go to updating the clothing, shoes, etc my boys and I so desperately need…they are growing so fast and I have lost all the weight I physically can so with my bargain hunting skills…you’d be amazed at what I can do! Balance to Spend $30,000

$5,000 To be paid immediately on securing a spot for me for Professional Makeup Artist Training at Faces in Minneapolis, MN…since I am unable to ever work in my professional career again…due to my disability…this is something I have wanted to do…and hope to do sooner rather than later! Balance left to spend $25,000

$10,000 To help pay for the staff needed to help..
Move us into our fully paid for home and set it up
Professional to help me re-brand my “SimplyDavia” and make it “workable”
Cody’s Cost For Accurate Autism Diagnosis and Treatment
Dental work needed for myself to be able to eat without extra pain..and fix damage to my mouth caused by various “lifesaving measures!”
Balance left to spend $15,000

$12,000 to pay for my youngest son to attend the daycare on schedule for the next year (at least) where he is getting the extra help that he needs to help catch him up on his motor, social, developmental delays related to trauma he experienced in and out of the womb.
Balance left to spend $3,000

$1,500 to be spent on groceries and household items (cleaning, laundry etc) Kids have to eat you know and there are always laundry and dishes to be done!

With my last $1,500 I would give my kids and I a mini-vacation during Christmas to ensure the best Christmas they ever had with Paw-Paw in North Carolina…

Pretty fun to think about how much our lives could change for the better, how many other people could benefit from the charity money, what I could do….the sad thing is to realize that it “went so fast,” this is only a NaBloPoMo post prompt for BlogHer, The realization that my life has really taken such a hit due to my sudden onset of disabilities…. That with even the thought of a fake million dollars….I realize that my circumstances are so harsh….just like many people here in the U.S., we are hardly “scraping” far below the poverty line!

I feel blessed everyday to simply be alive when I wake up in the morning, I hug my boys and I am glad I can keep a warm place to live over our heads, food in our bellies and clean, warm clothes on their backs…I am driven everyday to find a way to be a part again of that “American Dream,” or better yet “American Success” story…A woman rising above her unimaginable circumstances to pull herself out of poverty, illness and beat the odds…

American Society seems to love when people fall under grace…and Love even more when they have someone to root for….I am motivated to become someone to look up to, for my boys to be proud of and to be a reason for anyone else to feel freely to look at and decide..”If SHE can do it so can I!”

Hope you enjoyed reading this…