Kleen’yass Soap Co. (Damn Great Gift Ideas ) on OpenSky

If your trying to find a great gift that will get you a nod of “awe yeah”  I suggest checking out Kleen’yass Soap Co. on OpenSky.


Seriously this stuff is a work of art, humor and well it’s a quality product that everyone can use!


I adore the fact that there are brave artisans who can create a quality product and enjoy have genius marketing !

Where I write…NaBloPoMo 11/5/13

So here we go…the eternal question every reader wants to know…(right?)

While I sit on my couch…this time at least..I have to discover that if I told you I have a specific place I’d be a friggen flat out “liar!”…

I have no set space to write…no office, no room, no “set” schedule… I think part is due to my health, part is due to my kiddos, part is I am lazy…honestly… With my “Adult ADD/ADH”, a crazy busy drive to someday get on reality TV (seriously I someone you’d love to watch) too many da-mmmm “irons” in the fire…My writing happens when I feel like writing!

I mostly write when I am confined to my bed…best time to write is when your body doesn’t want to work, you don’t want your neighbor’s to “see” you “sick” and you want to have the “world” and your “adoring” public “think” your the epitome of health, beauty, organization!

I know (based on the written advice of “expert” bloggers, blogging communities… You should do a lot of things…write in a specific place, at a “regular” time on a “regular” day of the week…

If I took “everyone’s” expert advice…I’d be rich, popular, healthy, envied ….well we all know how that goes!

I try and try with being “routine” but my real-life operates on a chaotic day to day basis, meaning if I have the gift of waking up…we have something to work with! In addition, if my boys..One with ADD/ADHD, Asburgers, mixed with an “Elevated ” IQ…and the Other with his social, motor, development delays related to the trauma of my pregnancy and what he went through en utero..are “Happily” getting along, distracted, busy…then I might be able to “disappear” for a few “moments” to grab something to eat, make a phone call and get a “working” title going!

( This is reality writing her folks…you cannot make this up…see why I say I should have my own show!)

I would love to “lull” you into a false “sense” of having my blog, life, future etc “together” but I don’t…that’s part of my charm, loveabilty, likeability, relate ability…and that probably won’t change unless….( read my if I had a million dollars post) and even then….I doubt it!

I only hope to become a voice in a sea of many…to one day afford the basics so I can have my “own” space to write, blog , film…to be able to be available… To give attention to each area of my life that requires a “part” of me without spilling and overlapping onto the other… Mom, Friend, Blogger, Avon Rep, Social Media-lite, Future Star of the Non-Exsistant but would be a interesting take on the “Housewives that Most Really Are Not!” Housewives of “Poverty Paradise”

Until Tomorrow…


Psst…check out BlogHer …they are pretty much amazing… They are inspiring me to take a chance at writing “EVERYDAY” for 30 days….pretty much a freaking miracle!

There is nothing more rude and (honestly) informal about Brands who’s PR “People” who solicit you as blogger and then “poof” they never “respond” back…

( I think well maybe my lack of “model quality” makes me more real and relatable)
“Things That Really Miff an Everyday Blogger”

My everyday, over-filled, under-read email inbox for simplydavia@gmail.com

Hello Dolls and Kens…Happy Midsummer!                              Its been a long time since I’ve been unplugged.                       … View Post

Hello Dolls and Kens…Happy Midsummer!

                              Its been a long time since I’ve been

                                                  NO SOCIAL MEDIA
                                                      NO COMPUTER
                                                          NO WIFI

                                          Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nada, Nun, None

Did I miss Blogging……. Hell Yes Sometimes, Other Times….Sorta…Well Kinda…….Sometimes  I’m Just Glad To End The       Day

I wish that I had found some sort of them like diamond in the rough, ephipany, life-changing sort of meaning sort of kind of like a um a big ole “AHA HA” Moment…. But I didn’t!

What I did learn over this break was that I really do have things to say, opinions to share, a perspective that only someone as self assured, self aware, realistic, opinionated, funny, blunt, charming, obnoxiously whitty, unwilling, unsolicited,  unexpected, unscripted… Cannot make (my life) this crap up! ( Still wondering with the low-level of noteworthy reali-tv-crap…when the heck is some wise a$$ed risky producers gonna notice the sad reality of my life in “Poverty Paradise”…and give me my own show…..ahhem ahhem)

It’s my blog and I will do as I dangwell please, like life I realize that life is short and I have some borrowed time to burn and when I make it big….my wick will be snuffed out far too soon but the fact will remain…I took some what of a bad hand and slipped in some face cards to create an amazing hand!!!!

So you want something beauty related….let’s see… No packages, No products sent my way, but I do have something I REALLY REALLY LIKE…..Surprise it’s an IMPULSE BUY…


Avon Ideal Flawless BB Cream (M201 Medium)

I am as of late….become quiet “low maintenance”…..oh yes I have!!

Other than seeing the Doctors, Nurses, Workers in and out of the house….I have not gone anywhere or done anything… ( I should have a bucket list reality type show…would get me out the house)

So I bought this thinking “yeah OK girl this will be an instant return!”….


Amaze…. A little goes a longggggg wayyyy! Not smelly, thick or chalky…. It goes on light but covers everything from zits…to dark circles….to broken blood vessels from crying!

Color match

It blends well with my multi ethnic skin tones…yes I said tones…I am a hard match! I have about 12 bottles/tubes/sticks/cans of face “paint” as my kiddo says…and often to get a more natural and uniform color match I have to play “Color Commando” a bit of this here mixed with a touch of that and a blast of the other…


Not this time! I can apply LIGHTLY and look much more “awake, alive, refreshed and approachable!

It amazes me what BB Cream,  Good Mascara, Good Lip (gloss or stain) Big Glasses, Hoops and Hair Pulled Back….Makes ANY and EVERY WOMAN Look Photo-Worthy!


I paid a whopping $7.00 and it took a week to get….but it’s so worth the weightlessness, even coverage and SPF!

So I give it my #1 Top Spot For Fully Functional Face Fabulous…putting for now…every other “base” in it’s place…

So if your looking to “lighten up “for the rest of the Summer….Give this Ideal Flawless BB Cream a chance…. You Won’t Want To Bother Returning It!

I promise to write as much as I can….I have had to learn to lighten up in more ways than one…if I don’t, I do suffer both physically, mentally and so do those closest to me!

I will give more deets and updates as I see as noteworthy…. But I do have a timetable as far as my big surgery date it will be the 1st week in September… If my heart ultrasound comes back this week within “acceptable limits”…

I do intend on filming as much of the before, during and after…. As much as the Doctor and Hospital will allow!

Until Next Time Dolls,