How to Clean Your Makeup Brush Set

You have to check out this brand I stumbled upon today! @ShanyCosmetics is like a #makeup #beauty #lash #tool #brush #superstore!

Shany Cosmetics

makeup brush setThink about the last time you cleaned your makeup brush set.  Was it two months ago?  Can’t remember?  Uh-oh!  It’s easy to forget to take care of your makeup brush set, but it’s one of your most important beauty items.  You can have more makeup kits than you thought was possible, but if you don’t have a makeup brush set that’s soft, clean, and supple, it will be hard to blend all those beautiful colors naturally.  Remember that makeup artists and celebrities make clean brushes a priority, so if you want to be a professional, get started right away!

There are so many reasons to clean your makeup brush set:
makeup kits1)  Leftover makeup residue stays on brushes!  If you don’t clean them, the makeup will transfer to your makeup kits, muddying their beautiful color!   Your makeup kits will also gather bacteria and oils and transfer them to…

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Weekend Warrior What?!!!

Attention Dollfaces and Men’s, (Please excuse the mess of amazing clothes, shoes and other stuff) I’m officially in Spring Cleaning Mode! … That being said I guess Chris was sick of the old “closet organizer” I had and I was … Continue reading

Yay Me!! Sharing my latest achievement with you!

I am so excited!!! I finally got off of my buns and am very proud to add this to my blog


I really am very excited about this and would love for you to join to if your a Blogger and your “realm” is Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, Nail focused…Ifabbo is the place for you to join!

They help you to prefect your craft, network, grow and really have an amazing concept!

Here is the link for you to come and check it out! Let me know what you think! If you did join because of reading this…make sure to let me know!

I’m choosing to extract the biggest joys from the littlest of things and deciding to share them with you!

I hope your Tuesday was Terrific and your Wednesday will go Wonderfully!


Day 1 of 31 Days of Organization Done!


So my craft area was more like a drop it spot for everything else! I made it a point to work on 1 area at a time with a timer set for 30 minutes!

After some major fighting with myself this is what evolved!

I also have to mentioned I ended up doing quite a bit more but that will be later!

I trying to start small there are 29 more days to go!

Smaller is Better!


For Now It’s Clean!


I had to take photographic evidence that my living room area is actually dusted, organized and well in order!

This is what it is supposed to look like and note the kids are not here…so for now I am going to relish in accomplished feeling of having it “together” enjoy it until they return home later today!

Real life is to be lived fully including messes and chaos! Otherwise your just a spectator!

Enjoying my “ahhhh” moment!


Hatred isn’t innate behavior – it is learned Re-Blog from

This is an amazing article that combines for me parenting, reality and the thing I thing about in my head..put perfectly into words I couldn’t right! Simplicity is truth when it comes to our children!

Please check out more of this blogger…

Tell her I sent you!


Hatred isn’t innate behavior – it is learned.

I’m so lazy…

So honesty is the BEST policy for a blogger right?

Ok Ok Ok….so I guess it’s time for some honest confession with my readers!

I haven’t been ignoring you I promise!

But here’s what’s been going on with me…

1. I have been doubting my own ability to be relevant “beauty blogger”

I do not have the technical skill or attention span to have the type of page or YouTube channel I “would ideally want!” I had someone do an estimate and I survive on $750.00 a month and have a family of 4 = that’s not going to happen!

I have an amazing ability eye for color, trends, new products and showing people how to use them the trick is pulling it all together!

2. I am extremely critical of myself and my posts end up being tossed because I find they aren’t up to par!

Really who’s keeping score right? I am a perfectionist but in real life I am not perfect… and no one else is either so it makes me relatable right?

3. I have been allowing my ADD/ADHD, Panic Disorder etc to “Road Block Me”!

What I mean by that is that my symptoms have been really high lately and when I allow them to be out of control they take over and I fade into the background! I may not have what I think I should but in the end I STILL have my blog and it can be successful… I have to remember it always starts small and I can grow from where I am at! But not POSTING = no opportunities for growth! No one is keeping score! There is no invisible checklist…so I need let the one I have in my head go..

I have been getting products, using them but nothing gets up here see…








So I wonder …

Why am I having a block that doesn’t really need to exist?

Why am I so hard on myself…I have a ton to offer but I sit down to write or film but then I get a blank??

If you can relate…and want to offer advice I would love to have it!

Bearing my soul a few confessions at a time!


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Kleen’yass Soap Co. (Damn Great Gift Ideas ) on OpenSky

If your trying to find a great gift that will get you a nod of “awe yeah”  I suggest checking out Kleen’yass Soap Co. on OpenSky.


Seriously this stuff is a work of art, humor and well it’s a quality product that everyone can use!


I adore the fact that there are brave artisans who can create a quality product and enjoy have genius marketing !