Tell Me About “Perplexed”

As life changes and time moves on, I find myself sitting here as I am writing on this blog which I haven’t┬átouched in ages now feeling exactly that…


I am doing nothing that I thought I would be doing, living in an area where I had never considered before and taking a moment to “take it all in”

I am not an edit yourself, guilty of the “overshare “, uber hashtagging, here there and everywhere in life and on the social media type of gal.

I had it all figured out once…Keyword ONCE but now I find myself in the biggest dilemma of my life-

To clarify and streamline my brands, my mission, my message or to scrap the whole dang thing and start from square one?

I have done coaching calls, but every coach needs a coach, every brilliant emerging message, and icon needs someone to help them reign themselves in or they risk burning out long before their star does, this is what scares me most of all.

I have wasted so much time in online classes, personal coaching that goes nowhere and on webinars and training that frankly BORES me.

Does anyone else on the planet  like I do?

I am a dynamic, extroverted, once-you-meet-me-you’ll-ne-ver-forget-me, tiny titan with an amazing testimony, tons of talent and easily distracted because when I walk in a room-I own it (Not bragging HONEST I am comfortable that my destiny is in greatness)

But the search to connect in a medium, in a method that is the most comfortable and suited to me is nothing less than-



Thanks to Michelle from @TheDailyPost for this WP Writing Prompt

The Daily Post Prompt

Now if only I can find myself a manager..