Happy Mothers Day! My Gift to me, my blog via @Blogelina

Hello and Happy Mother’s Day,

I haven’t been on my blog because I need a total makeover in more ways than one!

I lost my focus, my passion and my my blog was the last thing I let go of…


I was given an amazing opportunity to give-back and also have a gift given to me and that is my gift to me this Mother’s day.

Via @Blogelina… and this is right off of her site!

Special Announcement: Blogelina Is Doing 1,000 Mom Blog Makeovers This Mother’s Day For Just $10!

This Mother’s Day… Something BIG Is Happening For Mom Bloggers!

Blogelina is planning to makeover 1,000 Mom Blogs – for an amazingly low donation – and ALL the donations we receive are going to Cure.org!


Make Your Blog

I figured..could it be really true? I know I had to ponder it for several days, I had even shared it across social media…and then today I decided this is it! I checked my paypay account and guess what I had left in it? $10.00 even steven!

So I finally bellied up to the bar and said for $10 that’s the most inexpensive makeover I will ever get in my life so head over to the link below and GET YOURSELF A MAKEOVER MOM…


And when you do please let me know that you did and how you felt about a gift that gives back this Mothers Day



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