How to Clean Your Makeup Brush Set

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Shany Cosmetics

makeup brush setThink about the last time you cleaned your makeup brush set.  Was it two months ago?  Can’t remember?  Uh-oh!  It’s easy to forget to take care of your makeup brush set, but it’s one of your most important beauty items.  You can have more makeup kits than you thought was possible, but if you don’t have a makeup brush set that’s soft, clean, and supple, it will be hard to blend all those beautiful colors naturally.  Remember that makeup artists and celebrities make clean brushes a priority, so if you want to be a professional, get started right away!

There are so many reasons to clean your makeup brush set:
makeup kits1)  Leftover makeup residue stays on brushes!  If you don’t clean them, the makeup will transfer to your makeup kits, muddying their beautiful color!   Your makeup kits will also gather bacteria and oils and transfer them to…

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