Weekend Warrior What?!!!


Please Excuse This Mess..Im Under Construction!

Attention Dollfaces and Men’s,

(Please excuse the mess of amazing clothes, shoes and other stuff)

I’m officially in Spring Cleaning Mode! … That being said I guess Chris was sick of the old “closet organizer” I had and I was playing around on Rubbermaid Custom Closet Designer
and then over the last few days I have noticed he’d been snooping…..

I was helping out today @a “spa event” for a local community organization (After 8am Mass) I came home to a very excited house of kids and Chris and Christine! (Mind you It was 4:15pm and my ride was here for my 4:30 Devine Mercy Class/Group) and I caught out of the corner of my eye stacks of hangers, my shoes and items not where they should be… And a tall white box with the @Rubbemaid seal on it!

In between the mix of tired feet, aching back and the need for 5 min to herself ( My Fibromyagia has been really flaring up)

I found a funny mix of exhaustion, pain, confusion, appreciation and excitement..

1. I am joyful I’m being validated that trying to reach for items if clothing and some shoes are very, very difficult for me (I do not want anyone “getting it for me so I am moving along faster”!

2. Fusterated because the items like the drawer cube or divider cubes were not available at the local store I didn’t get to shop at with my design!

3. Excited— Who doesn’t want MORE SPACE! I really can enjoy trying to explore the opportunity to DIY Organization and Creating a Space That Has My Own ” Davia” touch on it while working on communication and expressing thoughts and ideas with Chris! (We hardly speak sometimes) but it’s little things like today that reminds me that life can be full of HUGE “CROSSES” or “DIFFICULTIES” but as you endure with him who strengthens you- you can do/bear anything!

4.Appreciated… Think about it? How often do we as women have our little wish lists? Things we would really like to get done that make our lives easier and well “better looking” a space that we can visually enjoy and catch our breath? Well mine came in the version of a very nosy Chris, his very willing accomplice Christine …a small thing that will be a huge blessing, boost to my independent streak and will reduce the daily Anxiety’s and Personal Fusteration that I secretly struggle with and I try not to let anyone notice….Sometimes I stand at the closet and cry ( when no one is home) because I sometimes struggle with being able to open the closet much less reach up and get an item of clothing or whatever it is….

With that in mind…I am humbled!! I am human and flawed and I think I’m so brave and am so great at “hiding” my “difficulties” apparently I haven’t been keeping image up like I used to but then again don’t we all need a Hand Up a time or two in our lives?

I’m blessed because I went to help others today with no thought of myself but at the end if today my biggest help and blessing was thoughtfully picked up by and “plainly hidden” right within my own front door!


Rubbermaid HomeFree 6-10' Deluxe Custom Closet Kit!

So as I journey along my “blessing in a box” with my weekend warrior, I hope that this post will find you thinking about some of the small ways that you are trying to “keep it together” but can “let go of”.. When you do not only does it feel good to…you might find yourself getting exactly what you needed (a blessing) in whatever form big or small, box or not right inside your doorstep!

I promise pictures, but I will not promise a date as we who know my writing style and background knows it can take awhile but you can be sure it will be nothing short of an amazing before, during and after!

Under Construction In More Ways Than One!
Happy Weekend Warrior’ing



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