For Now It’s Clean!


I had to take photographic evidence that my living room area is actually dusted, organized and well in order!

This is what it is supposed to look like and note the kids are not here…so for now I am going to relish in accomplished feeling of having it “together” enjoy it until they return home later today!

Real life is to be lived fully including messes and chaos! Otherwise your just a spectator!

Enjoying my “ahhhh” moment!


One thought on “For Now It’s Clean!

  1. I love your ahh moment. I totally get your feeling of wanting it all to look together. I was raised up in a house where you could eat off the floors and I never enjoyed being at home as a result. Now my house is presentable at all times, but it’s never fully in order. Of course, we have three kids always running around enjoying life.

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