I’m so lazy…

So honesty is the BEST policy for a blogger right?

Ok Ok Ok….so I guess it’s time for some honest confession with my readers!

I haven’t been ignoring you I promise!

But here’s what’s been going on with me…

1. I have been doubting my own ability to be relevant “beauty blogger”

I do not have the technical skill or attention span to have the type of page or YouTube channel I “would ideally want!” I had someone do an estimate and I survive on $750.00 a month and have a family of 4 = that’s not going to happen!

I have an amazing ability eye for color, trends, new products and showing people how to use them the trick is pulling it all together!

2. I am extremely critical of myself and my posts end up being tossed because I find they aren’t up to par!

Really who’s keeping score right? I am a perfectionist but in real life I am not perfect… and no one else is either so it makes me relatable right?

3. I have been allowing my ADD/ADHD, Panic Disorder etc to “Road Block Me”!

What I mean by that is that my symptoms have been really high lately and when I allow them to be out of control they take over and I fade into the background! I may not have what I think I should but in the end I STILL have my blog and it can be successful… I have to remember it always starts small and I can grow from where I am at! But not POSTING = no opportunities for growth! No one is keeping score! There is no invisible checklist…so I need let the one I have in my head go..

I have been getting products, using them but nothing gets up here see…








So I wonder …

Why am I having a block that doesn’t really need to exist?

Why am I so hard on myself…I have a ton to offer but I sit down to write or film but then I get a blank??

If you can relate…and want to offer advice I would love to have it!

Bearing my soul a few confessions at a time!


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68 thoughts on “I’m so lazy…

    • Harvey…I think I am holding myself back! What I am thinking and comparing and assuming (by picking apart my posts) is really harming to my blog and I need to stop, relax, write and then let it be….I know we are our own worst critic! I am never harsh on anyone like I am myself…I am working hard on gratitude, positive thinking and seeing the brighter side of life!

      Its effort but I know its worth it!

  1. My two cents that may help your block:
    (1) Set schedule: writing for a certain period of time, every day, rain or shine. This tends to work because your brain gets used to being “on” at that time, and just naturally defaults to writing mode.
    (2) Turn to book: a beautiful piece of poetry or prose that never fails to inspire.
    (3) Change your physical location –a walk in the park followed by a nice cup of tea can do wonders.
    Rachel recently wrote Using the Oreo Cookie to Get Clients

  2. You are beautiful & shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. There’s a saying that goes something like “we are our own worst critic”
    How true. But we all have something to offer. Keep up the great work & don’t give up.

  3. Davia,
    I’m such a chatterbox in real life that I don’t get writer’s block; in fact my husband and son often times tell me to get OFF of the computer! I love your bulletin board. Maybe you need to focus on what you wrote and light a candle and mediate on your inner and outer beauty and your strengths? Hope this helps!

    • That’s a great idea! I struggle really with taking idea to concept to final production….I have to find someone who is willing to walk me through how to improve my blog, connecting with social media etc…I’m a hands on learn by doing so its very difficult to get that help without costing a small fortune!

      I am not a learn by reading or watching but by doing.. So I am going to meditate on this…Patty this helps more than you know! I appreciate your help and please keep in touch!

  4. I am so in the same boat! I got to where all the things I was trying to do on my blog was just too much, and such a saturated market, that I need to re-invent and go down a different path. I think we are all very hard on ourselves from time to time, and just have to pick up the pieces and start again. Don’t worry–I felt the same as you did, just last week.

  5. I have been there many times, and my latest excuse (you are going to love this…) the family will not let me. Now have you, I do not have any kids, no husband to distract me. It is siblings coming to town or in town and they want me to pick up their kid from school only for them to not call me back. I am not letting that stop me now. So do not beat yourself up for it. You are doing a great job,

  6. I can totally relate to you. Being a perfectionist is hard. What helps me a lot is talking to myself continuously and just convincing myself that if I upload/publish something not 100% perfect, at least I have the opportunity to grow. If I just wait until things are perfect, it will never happen. Nobody is perfect, so there is no reason to strive for it! Besides, practice makes things perfect. The more you do it, the easier it’s going to happen and more content with your work you’re going to get. Good luck!

  7. It seems like many of your reasons are the same I went through in the beginning during my freelance venture. I kept asking myself, “Why can’t I…?” or, “How come they…?” Finally, I stopped asking and just did it.
    Yes, it’s hard, and you’re going to cry, and throw things, and get so mad you’ll want to walk out and go back to the workforce, but don’t do it. DON’T GIVE UP! Even when you lose everything you’ve worked for, and your face is in the dirt, don’t give up. I’m where I’m at now because I’m stubborn, and I got tired of the excuses. You can do it, I believe in you.

    • I appreciate the direct, honest and sincere advice! I’m stubborn like you and I am about sick of my “reasons” I need to get educated up…that way it removes the opportunities to excuse me from pushing on forward with my passionm

  8. I love your honesty! I think that we all face these blocks for one reason or another. I too have great intentions to blog, to create, to do…then life happens. I have now just started to schedule time to complete these tasks and do not take any excuses.

  9. I know how you feel some days…obviously not about being a beauty blogger (there’s no way I could do that!) but some days it’s a struggle to blog. I have learned that my blog is just for me in the long run. I may not be posting what everyone else wants me to post or the format that others want, but it works for me and that’s what I need to remember. I’m doing it for me.
    Hopefully you can find the same kind of purpose and move forward in a way that makes you happy. We all see the doubts and problems in our lives and not the strengths. That’s a lot harder for us to see in the mirror.
    I look forward to seeing more of your beauty tips. That’s something I have absolutely no talent or knowledge of and need a ton of help! Keep posting and we’ll keep reading.

  10. Hi Davia, I can relate. Sometimes I don’t think that my posts measure up, but I think if I keep trying, I’ll get there. I have this idea that I need to post often or people will forget about me. I know that I need to post on a regular basis, but not necessarily every day or even every other day. Once a week should be good, and then if I would spend a good deal of the week tweaking my posts, rather than trying to post more often, I’ll end up with better posts. Well, I hope I will take my own advice! And best wishes to you! Have faith in yourself and perhaps make a plan that will help you

  11. Take time for yourself and when you’re ready to write again, it will come to you. We all can hit a wall at times and nothing will come out, regardless if we have so many ideas. I’m sorry that I can’t offer expert advice. But I can say that there was a period of 2 months last year where I couldn’t a single word. You have some great products there and I’m loving the quote on your bulletin.

  12. First off I just want to say that I love your zebra skirt. It’s adorable.
    Also, I really feel for you on the “not good enough”. I go through that at least once a year on my blog and it’s hard but I always come out better for it. Way to go on sticking to it and sharing!

  13. I also find that sometimes I am overly critical of my posts and to begin with I struggled with what to write, because I wanted it to be groundbreaking. Now I write whatever comes into my head and try not to self-edit. I just pour it out and then correct spellings and such. This seems to work and my (very few, but much appreciated) readers appear to like the fact that I am open and honest.

  14. I wish I had a really good advice but I really don’t. I’m the same way and it usually ends up with me not blogging anymore. i’ve tried to ….hm…i wouldn’t necessarily say lower my standards but more of I’ve tried to relax a bit this time. I’m hoping that’s the golden ticket. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit, the one with the red trench coat looking jacket. It is totally my style I also like your quote “Be your own kind of beautiful”, it is a very beautiful quote.

  15. I tend to have great ideas, start a draft and then they sit there waiting for me to finish when I get in funk like what you describe. What helps me is being part of a group of like minded bloggers. I use a plugin that allows me to share a draft with a special link and get feedback from my blogging friends. They provide honest feedback and it builds up my confidence to finish the post. I also try to keep a handful of prewritten posts for those moments when I’m in a funk.

  16. When I decided to go back to blogging (after an almost 2 year hiatus) I read a book and one of the suggestions was to write a post every day. Even if you don’t publish it, write something every day. I have been trying to do this, usually on my iPad in between things. Then once a week I sit down at the computer and edit what I wrote. Usually I end up pleased with at least a few of the posts. And remember, you can still revise what you wrote, even after it has been published.

    • I appreciate this, I need to devote time and just write, I’m reluctant to share some things but I feel my story relates very much to self, beauty, fashion etc..but Im not sure how to branch it outward..

  17. I definitely have those days too. It’s hard to NOT be hard on ourselves because we instinctively do it. We’re people that express and feel and it’s just easier to say it to ourselves. But you’re so right – no one is keeping score. We just have to let go a little bit, and it will all work out. It always does. I find myself making lists – not on my phone or computer (which I feel is the way to do EVERYTHING)… but when it comes to organizing my thoughts for the what needs to be done either for my blog, or throughout my day – I write on a piece of paper. And it feels amazing to cross out what I have completed. When you see an entire list that is crossed off – you feel so accomplished. You are definitely not alone

  18. Totally understand the inability to post – mine’s always because of perfectionism. I have lots of post drafts saved that just aren’t “good enough.” But I once heard that someone out there needs what you have to offer, no matter how inadequate you feel. Write anyways! I love trying out new beauty products. I’m so into fashion, make-up, hair, you name it! I’m actually going to try that toothpaste soon…

  19. I can really relate to this…I ask myself the same things all of the time! Why would anyone want to read what I wrote? For that matter, why would anyone want to use my business services? I feel like I constantly wage battle in my head.
    For me, it helps to put things aside and focus on one topic at a time. Write it. Put it aside, have someone else read it. Then tell me what needs to be fixed or changed. Then I post it. This does two things, gives me an editor and builds my confidence when they like it.
    The other thing I do, is read sites like Lean In or other sites with women’s success stories. It helps keep me motivated plus allows me to tell myself see other people can do it, so can I.

    • I’m struggling with having someone to “review” / “bounce” ideas off of…I think another part of my struggle relates to my difficulty with my ADD/ADHD symptoms getting the better of me…sitting down to read and learn can itself get very fusterating so I have to explore options based on my hands on learning style!

      I appreciate every bit of your advice!

  20. I think sometimes we just need to sit down and write. For awhile, I couldn’t read my posts after I wrote them. I just had to get them down, post and walk away. It was all I could do to not be critical!!! Good luck and hopefully you’ll get the urge to continue!!!

  21. Don’t beat yourself up! I do worst when I am most critical and compare my work to other people’s blogs. I think you’ve got a great eye and can write about beauty products.

  22. I think everyone is critical of their own work. My advice is to make yourself finish it, and then go back and work on it. I do the same thing with trashing posts before they’re done and I’ve regretted it because even if they aren’t perfect, they are still good. Believe in yourself!!

  23. Hi Davia! I have and still sometimes do suffer from being a perfectionist but these five words saved my life. Ready? DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. It will never be perfect because we as humans are not perfect but it can be completed in excellence. Strive for that and remember that you, just as you are today, are enough. You don’t have to be more. If you accept you as you are, so will your readers. Bless You

    • Thanks, I just have been in a rut!!! Honestly I need very much to get back to basics and to surround my self wth amazing bloggers who understand the joys, trials, struggles that we all go through!

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