My Favorite Character… NaBloPoMo 11/4/13

I can honestly say on this one….I don’t read fiction to much…honestly…

I am a big news, blog, social media reader….that’s where it’s at with me…

Real-Life is far better than fiction! I’m going to pick someone from real life…well maybe two!

Ava Peron

This woman was a “grab yourself by the bootstraps” ” rags to riches,” ‘real life Cinderella” kinda Woman she knew she wanted more for her life and did whatever it any means needed to get herself out from her “crap” circumstances….( Sorry Madonna your attempt at reprocating her image, life, legacy… fell so short….it’s sad really)

She nabbed her prince, took command, showed great compassion and understanding to the poor and disadvantaged within her own community and well Country….

Norma Jean aka Marylin Monroe

This woman was is an always be an icon, a “real Gal in the Boy’s club,” who not only knew what she wanted…she knew how to use her brains, beauty, body to make for the Original Cross Over Star….she took what the “Good Lord ” gave her + What every Man Wants, Desires +Fashion +Beauty +Marketing and created well blazed the trail for a Woman to “own,” “rock,” “utilize,” every inch of your body and brains…including the perceptions of what people “think” you have and put all of them into play at all times….she never “forgot” her roots and always found a real and genuine way to say what needed to be said, get people “talking” and I feel empowered

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