Our most luxurious fragrance has finally arrived. We asked Perfumer Dave Apel what his inspiration was behind Avon Passion:

“My inspiration for creating Passion was the experience of meeting many iconic women throughout my life. It’s a presence, a self confidence, and a self assurance that I really wanted to capture in this bottle.” – Dave Apel, Perfumer 

Learn more about Avon Passion here.

This is scent is the Newest Launch of roll of the line of winner’s and just in time for the Fall in Winter season!

Passionate is really what they should have named it because despite the notes being carfelly selected and smartly chosen, on every woman…it creates a unique scent that is passionate, alluring and attention getting!

I walked around with the Passion rollerball in my purse and found myself being swarmed like the “gossip girl” in high school that had the “hot off the press news!’

U know your on to something when random people in the most mundane of places stop to ask you “what is that your wearing?” “Where can I get some of that”? ( I have even had a few spouses placing orders for Christmas gifts!)

If you love scents, want to try something new, or curious….let me tell you… I’m not just another “Avon sales woman” I am also a very opinionated, honest, and open beauty blogger..which means I don’t hesitate to share what’s good from and and everyone!

This scent is a must have…seriously and the ONLY scent I wear from Avon…with a money back promise…this might be worth investigating for yourself if Passion is for you!

So come check out my Avon independent Representative website.. No haggle, no pressure, no knocks at your door…the world of Avon right at your fingertips…then delivered directly to your door!


Thank You For Your Support!

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