Pretty in Pink – Review of Pink Powder Parlor

Who else on the planet Loves…Loves…Loves pink but really can they have a hard time finding a pink that works for them?

Well I know it’s more than most….

Well I have been given this lovely little package with a company that nails pink for every shade from Cotton Candy to Magenta and everything in between!

I’m not going to say without giving kudos to the MasterMind behind the line.. Nikki Jones

Kudos Doll on creating my vision of heaven in a cosmetic line….and to give every-beauty a chance to indulge in the color in which ever shade that suits! Your the best!


In reality I can say it’s pretty friggen hard to figure out the concept for the color pink..because even the best of makeup artists, tattoo artists, painters etc much less the average everyday doll to access if “pink” works for them!

This blush is amazing…and to me is the right kind of “pink” that is a reminder of a time when I would blush if I thought something was embarrassing like being caught daydreaming or crushing hard core on most guys who never noticed me…I bet they are “sorry” now!


I adore how this blush captured very simply the look of beauty only adding Avon’s Ideal Flawless Beauty Balm in Medium Shade Ultra Color Lipstick in Blush Nude some mascara and Viola’ I look pretty natural and surprisingly good! ( I had the flu)

I can say that Shop Pink Powder Parlor is an amazing clearinghouse for a things “pink” for every shade of beautiful which is simply in a class of it’s own.

I can say I think despite me getting the blush as a PRESS SAMPLE…They now have a customer for life!

So what in the world are you doing still reading this!


Shop Pink Now

* In have to disclose that this was a press sample given to me strictly for my review purposes and I did not and will not now or ever accept payment for my honest review good, bad or otherwise!

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