Guess What’s on My Dresser!?!


Hello Dolls and Kens,

It’s been like a tidal wave of excitement around here! I am working on literally amassing in my beauty blogging and friend hangout / glam-a-zon area, the ENTIRE collections of the newest launches of the color collections from Avon!



                                                          These are the new 55 shades of Avon’s Ultra Color Lipstick ( upcoming post)


It’s going to be the favorite hangout place for every woman I know between 18-40+! I am bound and determined to give my Dolls the opportunity to try and demo for themselves the entire collections of the items hot off the presses from the mastermind’s over at Avon, complete with the opportunity to take before and after photos to upload to their own social media! ( Cool isn’t it?)

Checkout The Newest Lines Yourself

What’s on my dresser? Can you guess?

Here’s The List Top to Bottom & Left to Right

Avon True Color eye-shadow single

Pearly White ( F1863)
Mauved Rose (F0633)

Avon True Color eye-shadow quads

Berry Love         (F1703)
Glow Teal.         (F0483)
Mocha Latte     (F0383)
Urban Skyline   ( F0813)
Romantic           ( F1583)

Vibrant Spice.   (F0913)

Avon True Color eye-shadow single

Green Dazzler.   ( F1583)

Avon Super Shock gel eyeliner

Aqua Pop    ( N201)
Blackout.     ( N01)
Cobalt.       (N202)

Avon Mega Effects Mascara

Black Brown


Mark the day 10th year anniversary eye palette


                                                                                      Isn’t this wand FREAKING COOL!
                                                 The Mega Effects wand bends a full 40 degrees up or down so you can grab the littlest of lashes!

So there it is…the list of what’s on my dresser but that’s not all…. I will show photos of the entire collection when it’s in my hands and the glam-a-zon station is up and ready to go!

So what do you think?

Will you try any of these?

I really , really, really want all of you to know I have missed you!

Until next time…..


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