Just wondering

I am just wondering..


As a blogger and vlog’r who plans on covering so many different areas…In my attempt to be relatable and true to my self…

Am I doing myself, my kiddos, my friends and readers any favors by randomly posting, by running TWO blogs, a (for now) hardly watched
My You Tube Channel My @DaviaGThaHBIC twitter feed, my My Pinterest account, My Instagram Account and everthing else I am abstractly zooming around on the social media universe…

Am I doing what I set out to do?

Are the things I am covering

No I am NOT the best at
~managing my time
~edting photos/videos
~sticking to just one thing, idea or topic
~Staying attached to ALL of myself across social media

But then again…
~I am funny


~Likeable, Heck Loveable!

~In tune with being an out of the box 30 something mom with rockin tattoos, great inqusitive nature, having an amazing advantage of knowing little things about a broad range of stuff..(seriously)

~Should really have my own reality show…oh yes….I really should or maybe just maybe I should have a branding coach or something??

~I have been blessed with meeting some of the most wonderful people anywhere in the US and all over the US, Canada, EU, South America etc…

~I am passionate, driven, curious and want to make sure that whatever life is still ahead of me…that this BIG PERSONALITY in

A Once BIG, BEAUTIFUL, CURVACIOUS, THICK..Now days a 120lbs lighter, a bit more well um. …slowed down a bit, a bit less able to do what I would like to…But That BIG, BEAUTIFUL Personality is still the same and needs to be let out..

How to do that in a way that makes the most impact…that’s what I really wonder?

And few other things too!

But today I wanted to share not what products I am trying, what boxes I am opening, what nail polish etc (My beauty blogger friends have that ALL covered well)
But to share where my mind is at and that I am really thinking about it all!

Happy Tuesday

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