Oil is…

So during my journey as a beauty, 30 something, life, really an everything blogger….

I am meeting some pretty amazing people and learning alot of usefull things along the way…

We know that means sharing it with you!

A reader asked me about something that is multi-purpose for hair, skin and nails..Well Michelle here you go!


Russell Organics 100% Pure Argan Oil

Great because unlike having a beauty, hair, or skin product with Argan Oil in it…

This pure 100% organic Argan Oil can be applied directly to your hair, skin, or nails for an instant boost of shine, moisture and stregnth!

It’s also amazing to add to your favorite products you have already!

There’s no fake additives, no funky smell, no irritants it’s pretty great to add to your skin right after a long shower, to rub into your scalp for an instant hydrating massage or to the ends of your towel dried hair!


I mixed a few drops with some brown sugar to create an amazing lip scrub (it’s Winter!!!!)


Russell Organics entire line of pure organic, affordable, high quality products for your inside and out!

I am not just saying this…The reviews by other customers say it all!

I had the misconception that using oils would make things like my skin break out worse..but like everything else I was wrong 🙂

Oils are healing, essential, important! As I learn more about them…I love them more and more!

Check out the entire line of Russell Organics Products…pick up some Argan Oil 🙂

Hope Everyone Is Getting Ready For The Holidays!


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