Help Prove Beauty Bloggers Have Heart!

Hi beauty bloggers..friends..and readers,

This holiday season as we are hitting the sales, the bargans etc..

We get our blog/vlog posts done, products tested, review’d…

Please take some time to look around your stash…and see if you have some unused beauty products!

Why you ask?

There is an opportunity for us as beauty bloggers/ beauty blogger help those teenagers affected by the hurricane!

Yup I am Serious!

I found out via Indie Lee that there is a wonderful H.S. Teacher in NJ who is collecting any unused beauty products to re-distribute amongst the teenage girls who have lost it all!

Speaking from experience there is nothing like lipgloss & deodorant to make you smile a bit brighter!

Don’t worry if you can send alot or a little! If we each send what we can it will make an impact!

It’s a great way to show that truly beauty starts within and shines outward! 

Don’t send me anything!!! But what you can gather can be sent to this address!

Joanne F. Johnson
1406 Patton St.
PT. Pleasant NJ, 08742


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