How Not To Brine a Chicken

Being a part of the Smiley 360 Kikkoman Juicy Bird Project allowed me the supreme challange of brining a chicken using things like Kikkoman soy sauce, salt, sugar, water following the recipie listed online…

Then you are supposed to soak it for at least 4 hours! Well we all know my style of blogging (random, real, descriprive etc)

This “juicy bird project”needs NO desciption in the photos say it all!

This is a 6.78 lb chicken “supposed” to be soakin in the gallon of water, Kikkoman, salt, sugar and I used Cavanders Greek seasoning!

“Notice I said supposed to be”


Well as you can see I majorly miscalculated and when I placed the chicken to soak….it made a flood of “epic porportions” all over my counter and perfectally mopped floor! My son was laughing…untill he realized had to clean up the mess! 20 min later…


Chicken is added to a MUCH bigger pot and left to soak in the Kikkoman, salt, sugar, water, Cavender’s Greek Seasoning! (1 1/2 days)

Then instead of baking we (well hubby) put the now heavy, brined bird on the spicket (rinsing it first)


400° for about 2 hours created the most moist, juicy, yummy way to shake up Sunday Dinner!

To check out more about the Juicy Bird Project with Smiley 360

To find out about Kikoman on Facebook

Definantly a no pain situation to brine a chicken using soy sauce!

Happy Cooking

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