How Miss Cayce’s Saves Christmas!

So wondering what in the world is up with this random post?

Or for those of you TX peeps wondering how in the world do I know about TX’s BIGGEST BEST KEPT CHRISTMAS SECRET?

I got people who know people!


The lovely Cristmas Angels at Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store  have so lovingly decided to share their “Recipe” for creating the perfect Christmas Tree!


Show Me Decorating “Recipie for Holiday Tree Trimming” is a duo set, that includes a DVD and a hand held step by step guide to creating the perfect Christmas Tree!


This DVD literally takes you from bare tree to holy wonder in no time flat! The “chefs”  aka sisters Kathy and Becky…take you on an easy to understand, easy to follow journey on creating a tree that’s gossip worthy!


(So pretty aren’t they?)

So while I watch the entire DVD…I am so engrossed it it that I do not even pick up the phone! Why?

Because I OVERTHINK EVERYTHING….meaning Christmas decorating on top of everything else ends up making me frazzled! I never have a plan, a theme, a clue so I end up putting up the tree Thanksgiving Day and by Middle of December I am finally  “content” with how it looks! The amount of stuff I have for the tree is insane!

Having Kathy and Becky working step by step to break down the tree, what extras to add, how to have an even look and using other things like ribbon and florals are AMAZING and helps to give those of us “Overthinkers” a guide to work from and with!

During the DVD they break down the “recipe” into easy to manage parts and include tips, tricks and ideas from their “elves” who work all year long creating miracles!


(I even learned how to make a bow using wire ribbon)

Anyone can pull a professional, beautiful tree using the steps…this is literally a fool-proof recipe!

And you can use what you allready have around!

(But the items that the elves show make me want to go to Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store in Midland, Texas to be able to just stand there and soak it all in!)

This is my Christmas miracle…my stress saver to my biggest holiday stressor….The danged old tree!

I got mine (for reviewing over and over again) so go get your’s…mine is on my shelf! It’s not to early to get a jump on the season!

As a Mom I am thinking about Christmas right after Halloween!
Anything that helps me get some sanity back is a I cannot keep it to myself!

So from this year on…Miss Cayce’s saved Cristmas and Show Me Decorating can help you to!


(If only they had a show me organizing and show me time managment DVD’s…I’d be set!)

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