Campus Beauty Battle are You Ready?

Hey College Dolls

When it comes to campus beauty tips and tricks does your school make the grade?”
Then get your Put your skills to the test against other campus beauties for a chance to win $1,000 in FREE beauty products! is hosting THE CAMPUS BEAUTY BATTLE
Do you have what it takes to score an “A” in SOCIAL BEAUTY 101?

Do you want to earn the chance to win $1,000 in beauty…..How about getting a team of you together to increase your odds? (Great way to increase school spirit..there is NO PHOTO LIMIT!
If your up for the challenge…

1. Click on the link to upload any/all of your photos to or our free Bloom BeautyTrends app available now on the Apple Store.

2. Start Sharing your best looks on For example: going out looks, 5 minute hairstyle, everyday makeup looks, etc.
3. Share how you got the look in the details section and include the must include the hashtags #socialbeauty #goteambloom to enter your photo. You can even tag which products you used!4. Once you’ve saved your photo, click the share button to encourage your Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest followers to vote for you! ( Get those social media accounts moving the more votes the better)
Now the reason to get going right now…..The photo with the most “Looks Good!” votes wins! Feel like sharing your $1K beauty prize? Amp up your chances of winning by getting a team of friends to upload their photos. There is NO LIMIT to how many photos you can enter.Voting starts November 1st and runs through November 20th. The photo with the most “Looks Good!” votes will be announced on Monday, November 26th.Link:
  I really want to see someone that I know out there making it happen…the more photos up the better and make sure you include those hashtags #socialbeauty #goteambloom and get your spirit on!
Good Luck! I will be looking forward to checking out the photos on the site!


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