I want to share this with you…

If you are tired of acne, lumps bumps, zits, blemishes, cysts,volcanoes….whatever you want to call those…those little pesky things that appear on your face I have them and alot of them and they KEEP comming back! I have more reasons then I can count..ok for honesty’s sake and truth in sharing…I don’t know why exactly my face keeps calm and then BLOWS up..but these are some of my major factors; ~Hormones ~Stress ~Medications ~Poor Diet ~ I have had WLS (weight loss surgery) to be more exact I have had the Roue-En-Y and then the DS surgery for a “repair” which created more health complications! ~My most favorite factor and really more of a habit I won’t quit…Excessive use, testing, mixing cosmetics and beauty products! Other Break Out Factors Anyone Can Have.. ~Age ~Pregnancy ~Post Baby ~Puberty ~Menopause ~Extreme Climate Exposure ~Family History and many more known and suggested factors! Which means Acne can strike anyone at any time for many reasons! When it does it HAS an effect on your life! I have tried everything literally to the point of going to a DR. for chemical burn (No Good!) My Friends at Beauty Stat teamed up with the Super Smart Team of Doctors, Scientists and Skin Pro’s at Evologie to offer the oppertunity to try the line of Smarter Safer Solutions Desgined For Everyone Suffering From Skin Acne/Congestion Issues! Even if think you have tried it before…what would U do if they offered it to you….really to try something that has science behind it…real science to clear what you have NOW and treat your skin to keep it from comming back! In less time, products and steps then it takes to apply most “routine” skincare… Now what if they said you can try it and only pay for shipping and handling? (I bet you be a bit interested)…I am gonna be real the total cost is $1.99…That’s it… Costs less then a single tube of chapstick, a cup of coffee…a chance to try real a acne solution..a system designed for THOSE OF US WHO HAVE TRIED IT ALL… I have got mine…(then I got more Thanks BeautyStat) and I am not just reviewing this to fill a blog post….My stuggle is really real and really painful and still goin on! I know great products to appear “flawless” but I want to quit appearing flawless..and be able to touch my skin without pain! With my journey I want to share everything good, bad or otherwise with you…if it won’t help you or doesn’t apply to you…I am very happy but I bet if you think for just a minute…you can think of a few people who u know family, friend, coworker and they might be young or old..male or female, if they have a skin issue give them this info..you might be giving them the best gift an opportunity for clear skin! I am giving you the same opportunity that was given to me… Do you want to try your shot at clear skin for only $1.99 the S&H… This is an opportunity and it will not last! Get your own esystem duo pack now enter code EVOBSTAT28 at check out If you are going to try this or want to try it let me know…I am going to keep yall updated so U do the same! I love sharing great opportunitys! XoXo Davia

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