Evologie My Road To Clear Skin


I wanted to share with all of you my wonderful, amazing, whitty, unique, funny, smart readers a rare opportunity to allow all of you an experience to try along with me the chance to get your skin,Clear, Smooth, Soft, Calm!

It does not matter how old or young you are, type of or amount of acne that you are suffering from the Evologie system is a simple but effective system designed by Dr. R. Nagel and his team of experts to help combat his OWN daughter’s struggle with acne!

This system is great because it’s so simple and easy to use! No messing with stinky, rough, ebrasive, disapointing treatments!

I have talked about my stuggle with acne and I am still fighting the good fight! Having WLS/ DS surgery has only complicated my skin issues without a traditional treatment or option in sight, I am working on finding how to clear up my skin for the long term and I am sharing this with all of you!

I really am happy and thankful to my friends at BeautyStat.com
http://www.BeautyStat.com for allowing me to participate in this opportunity to get control of my congested skin!

This line is designed to work without perfumes, Alcohol free, not animal tested, non irritating..which means that even for the most sensitive, congested skin this line offers hope!

The cleanser, serum and cream work right away to control and clear the skin and over time the scarring, dark spots and redness will be an afterthought!

This isn’t just something I am preaching at you, if you are TIRED, ANGRY, SAD, FUSTERATED,IRRITATED, SICK of ….

Products that burn, stink, irritate

Products PACKED full of chemicals you cannot pronounce

Product Lines “designed for” acne..that really mean “occasional break-out” or “teenage skin”

Product Lines that have more steps than cooking a Holiday Dinner
Products that Simply Do Not Work!

If your serious about seeing real results and finding help for yourself or someone you love and you want an opportunity to try Evologie for NOTHING but the cost of $1.99 shipping and handling….yes I said only $1.99 shipping and handling….what are you waiting for?

Here’s How….

1. Click on the above link to place the eSystem Duo Pack in the shopping cart (a 15$ value)

2.Entet PROMO Code EVOBSTAT28 at checkout there will be No Charge for the Duo pack…just a $1.99 shipping and handling charge!

Really it’s that simple…a chance to try a line that was designed to work on all types of skin with all types of real issues…created by Dr. Nagel with the love and intention of a father who was watching his daughter suffer with acne….and for me that means there is alot of love behind this! Acne has created for me alot of hurt both inside and out…and because I am still suffering I want to share this with anyone and everyone who is going through thid and is still trying to find the path to clear skin!
Please if you are reading this and understand…know you are not alone! Reach out and for less than a 2 liter you can have an opportunity to try a line with technology and real results behind it!
Try Evologie For You or Someone You Love Click Here!

Keep me posted if you are trying the eSystem Duo Pack! I will be posting my progress as well!
(I am feeling a giveaway brewing…keep posted for more details soon!)


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