You know its school when..

Hello Lovlies,
It’s school time again yeah yeah yeah I know I know it’s October so I should “know that already” It doesn’t really and truly sink in for me UNTIL times like now like today like 20 minutes ago!

Let me set up the visual scene for you:

Cody (my 6 year old) is “supposed” to be getting ready to go bed, and he comes to give me a goodnight kiss and then hops u[ in bed a bit confused (I am laying down I am not feeling well today) and he starts talking to me about a limo ride at which point I am feeling like I might have missed something. I asked him after about five full minutes of what seemed to be speedy chatter, I waited for him to BREATHE…

Instead he threw the “well Mom you should a known by now!” I am thinking” WTH am I supposed to know? and when did I miss the convo?”


So I am slowly opening the huge white folder and flipping through the book, reading the pamphlet and he’s in the mean time trying to point out all of the “gifts” he wants from the “prize book” and a small LIMO paper falls out…SOOO THAT’S WHERE THE LIMOOO CAME IN!  (If he sells 25 items he gets to ride in a stretch hummer limo) and he already has the  goal set up that he is GOING to ride in that limo and how fun it is going to be and how cool him and his cousins will look being in 2nd grade and getting to ride in a limo! I am really worried now that he is GOING on this limo…I mean 25 items…I don’t really know 25 people in this town of 1000 people!

Then (Which Thank You To The Chip Store For Being Media Smart!) As I am can do this all online….I am a blogger….a YouTuber and a Facebooker and I have LOTS of friends and readers…..We figured out also that he can do the sale ONLINE and it will count towards helping him and the school!


Please Help Me Reach My Fundraiser Goal

So for all of you who want to get that Christmas Shopping Done Early….or you want to help out a Kid..My Kid…and get him in a LIMO ride so he can be a “Cool 2nd Grader” and help the Cherry School…Please go look at the sight and increase his odds!

Cody’s Cherry School Fundraiser Site


Thank You For Reading This…This Post Goes To Help All Of The Kids at Cherry School!


Davia & Cody


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