Real Life..Real Results..When your skin goes crazy! I had to share them with you

Hello Dolls and Kens,

Since I have been down for a bit, I haven’t honestly been driven to blog, vlog or much of anything! I have been having the worst issues with my skin and it’s all related to my Gastric Bypass Surgery…I have had 2 complete Gastric Bypass Procedures since 2007 and a total of 16 yes I said it 16 surgeries total because of the “complications” we will save that complaint for another time…!

I have been really frustrated with my skin! I am having the visual results in my skin that is warning me that something is seriously of balance! If you have ever had any type of weight loss surgery, you know that your skin will create issues.. seriously everything from mild acne to horrible bruising!

I had the opportunity to “Demo” & “Review” the Christopher Drummond Beauty (Medium Discovery Kit) from the lovely folks at Bloom. com! I get a chance to try things from some wonderful brands that here in Buhl, MN you would never find in a million years! So at the end of the post I will give you the link to go explore for yourself the place where social, beauty, skincare, hair and more are right at the tips of your fingers!

Back to what I was saying..Adult Acne Sucks! I am in my 30’s and the last thing I need is my face showing the rest of the world the chaos contained in my little 100 pound body! I don’t even like going out when my face is really bad!

I received the Christopher Drummond Beauty (Medium Discovery Kit) and I just stared at it..I mean really stared like “ok this is a tease and it’s not going to do anything” so I tossed it aside!  Christopher Drummond is a makeup artist to some of the hottest names in Hollywood !  I took my time and debated if I would even open it because my face is looking really rough!  I wanted to cry! I felt like this was a huge challenge for face could not possibly look airbrushed and flawless like the claims that were made on the flyer that came with it! So it sat, and sat and sat

I finally (after the kiddos went to bed) grabbed the makeup stool..the black one that EVERYONE has to sit on when I am doing EVERYONE ELSE’S Makeup and Hair..and I stared in the mirror and cried! My face literally hurts and the bumps, swelling are so apparent! I grabbed the kit and laid it out..grabbing my Supergoop SPF 30 (city sunscreen serum) and laid them out carefully like a some-sort of  personal challenge and I took a big breath, washed my face and prepped my self  for what I really thought would be another cosmetic let down..or so I thought!

As I washed my face..applied the moisturizer (Yes to Cucumbers calming moisturizer) and applied my Supergoop SPF 30 and let it dry( you should ALLWAYS apply SPF before you put your foundation on because that’s the correct way to properly protect your skin)!

Then I applied the skin prep that came with the it smells wonderful (like tea tree)and I took a moment to let it all sink in.

I went through each of the instructions carefully applying just as he said to do..he’s a professional after all! After the 3 steps…I was so very stunned! I am serious about this..the TRANSFORMATION was SHOCKING!

I ran out of the bathroom (Mine is HUGE) and I stood in the living room with everyone staring back at me…

The smile on my face was HUGE..and I didn’t have to beg for a response…everyone was SHOCKED..I mean you could not really tell that my face had anything going on with it! I had people grabbing my face and turning it..inspecting it like a Marine getting a uniform inspection!  I literally was still to stunned to we all charged back into the bathroom and the girls were clamoring to get their hands on this!

I even decided to take time out and shoot a vlog post about it and I am going to put the link to it below..I feel like if I had these kind of results… I better get off my buns and share it! I know alot of people struggle with skin issues and finding a way to put your best face forward can be a long and difficult and sometimes expensive trial and error situation!

I also posted several pictures to my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook..I finally felt a bit more confidant and really I felt and feel beautiful and comfortable to be out socializing and having a great time without that nagging feeling of people staring at the bumps, lumps and redness that was on my face!

This was the transformation that I really needed! I am so serious about this! I have been keeping myself hidden when my face is “RAGING” and then my social life suffers!

So in conclusion…if your face isn’t where you want it to be..and your cosmetics are falling is a line of Safe, Natural, Organic, line of Cosmetics that really do work! They help you to put your best face forward…REGARDLESS of the situation or state that your skin is in! So please take the time out to watch this VLOG post..this maybe  a solution to help you to honestly put your best face forward!

My Step By Step Live Demo of Christopher Drummond Beauty(Medium Discovery Kit)

You can come and follow me on too…(PS You can get the kit here)
Thanks for reading this and watching my posts!


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