When your eyes tell on you…

So as a mom, natural night owl and 2~3 hour a night sleeper, there are some days I look like I got beat in the face with a bat! (Seriously &for those of you who know me..keep it to yourselves :o)


Also…there are times when my body is struggling..im mean really struggling and during those times those dark circles come in with a vengance…


Did you know that dark circles are a problem than can be due to things like…
* Allergies *Sinus Infections *Lack of Sleep *Swollen Adenoids*Thin Skin Under The Eye

Or they can be a signal to you that
*Your iron is low * Vitamin Levels are low!  For me it signals *Call the Doctor!!*

Seriously Dark Circles are a pain and it’s a like a bruise under the eye area, where the blood is pooling under the eye area! It doesn’t hurt and it’s temporary! But it can ruin your overall look or give people the mistaken impression that your tired, unhappy and that’s not great for how you end up feeling!

Now I can only speak about myself, what I have learned as a nurse, model, and picked up on my travels from professionals across the country…but overall I hate how I feel when I look in the mirror and those dual dark shadows STARE back at me!

Surgery is not an option…plus it’s expensive and not a 100% fix! Some people have WORSE complications after having the procedure!
I have tried alot of crazy things and they don’t work, burn my eyes, cost too much..etc it’s a vicious cycle!

So I had been using this awesome cream That’s NATURAL SAFE packed with Vitamin K… K helps with Clotting..which means in an eye cream it helps to make that blood pooling under your eyes + puffiness go away! ( Time to reorder…mama ran out) Also packed with Natural Ingredients to Help Banish the Puff…Keeps Those Lines Away!

We as women ALL need eye cream! Not Face Moisturizer…EYE Cream! Our lids DO NOT PRODUCE MOISTURE! And when we AGE..the skin on our lids and around our eyes thin out/dry out and have any of you wonder why your liner doesn’t apply as smoothly or your shadow doesn’t apply or stay so well?
You can either take care of the skin u have now or spend the rest of your lives buying products to cover/correct issues later!


Lilly B. Skincare Ultra Eye Cream (multi-action rescue)

Now I don’t know how many of you watch The Doctors TV show but they are a tream of 4 Dr’s and they are great..funny too but they give you tips/great info/what’s new/what works/ what to ask your own Doctors about… It’s a great show!

I am very skeptical but when I get the PLEASURE of getting something to review for my opinion that I seen on The Doctors from the company that I am PROUD to be a PRO AMBASSADOR with I can say that I am motivated to tear it OPEN ASAP!
Ok Ok Ok Ok OKAY!


Skyn Iceland HydroCool Firming Eye Gels




Yup 10 min+1 pad under each eye =


Much more bright…less puffy and dark! I was and am very happy with these! I felt and as you can see that I look more awake and rested! I felt like it was little tingles of coolness waking up and massaging my eyes!

Totally Refreshing..Non Irritating!
These are FAB to have on hand as a regular added way to help give those pretty peepers a boost…for me they are a great RX to help try to fight the good fight against my “baggage!

For me SKYN Iceland HydraCool Firming Eye Pads are a must have on hand item…because they are SAFE, SMART, NOT ANIMAL TESTED and They work!!
(Pssst Great For Those LATE NIGHTS and Bouncing Back)

Easiest way to get them is here
Where to Buy

I really hope that enjoyed reading this..feel free to comment, pass on to your friends!

All My Best,

” I was given these for the purpose of reviewing my opinions good, bad,otherwise are my own! I don’t get compensated for this but I still love to share”

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