Hair the Long and Short of it…

So I have become seriously attached to my hair (while I have it!)…I lost it all in 2009 as a result of my nutrition issues, immune system malfunctions and hormones…

Yup it fell out in clumps, a fistfull at a time! 
The final tragic but hillarious situation was in March 2009 resulted in a broken mirror, hairbrush, hand, heart and a pair of garden shears being applied to a knot about the size of a GRAPEFRUIT….(NO LIE) of tangled hair that had melted itself together!

I felt devistated, heartbroken, ugly, like a complete freak of nature! My friends & the ladies @ the salon were laughing at me as I came through the door brush entangled in huge bird’s nest or baby “cousin it” growing out of my was so hard to explain that I didn’t do anything…really I tried to wash my hair!  Hell to honest I had no clue other then I was in complete shock & panic…mixed with fear & nausea!

I tried my best to be confident…as the giggles and jokes were hurled at me (My Marine Corps Buddies attempt to lighten the situation with humor /make me feel better!)
*Sorry Dolls it really didn’t

I rocked a very butch mullet very proudly I called it the ” Pat Benatar / 70’s Rocket Chick” for weeks untill I and my ex learned how to speed set tracks of weave and glue using a parting comb and a hair dyer from a friend of mine in San Diego was a fellow Pagent Mom…It made me very proud (still to this day) to have someone who cared about me..and helped me to accept it, address it, face it, and to really be comfortable because it was happening TO ME..It wasn’t WHO I (WAS/ AM).. I made it bigger then it really was….plus it’s a easy thing to cover up in the overall picture of things!

The moral of the story..”Hair Today Gone Tommrow”.  For any women who looses her hair suddenly it can seem like the end of the world…(I can relate) and as I lay here playing with hair my now rapidly thinning, falling out faster then I am ready to come to terms with! I need to remind myself that I can get through this…I have done it before!
I now have the knowledge/skills/growing product list (aka tools) just take it as it comes with my confidence as a brace to keep my head up and to smile!

I can say what felt like STRAW and looked DIRTY up untill an hour ago


See that WAS my hair…Yikes!

I am humbled because it’s a fight…but for any woman who has had problems with their hair and skin (more about the skin in another post)  from things like Gastric Bypass Surgery, DS Surgery, Hormone/ Thyroid Issues, Pre/Post Pregnancy etc.. You can make the mistake of just accepting the loss of hair and give in and give up or you can become better informed and take the best care of your hair that you have now!  Because at the bottom line of comes and goes and comes back again..I promise you!


Here’s me rocking tha “faux soap hawk” Even if your hair is soaking you can still look cool doing it!! I mean you never know who’s gonna show up at the door!
(Pssssttt I knew the nurses were comming today so I had to wash my mop)

I used son Cody was the first to fix the pump/use it!
Dermaheal Conditioning Shampoo


*Amazingly Plain Bottle That Cleans and Leaves Your Hair Salon Clean and Soft!

Or like my son said he went from crusty boy to handsome young man!  My hair is very dull, stiff, dry and oily from the medication and poor diet. I had no reason to believe this would be diffrent than what’s allready in my shower!  I now have a reason to reaccess my sudsing routine! The scent is so light and refeshing and my scalp felt clean!

Lea Journo Parfait Intense Hydrating Mask for dry/damaged hair


*If your hair feels dull whimpy & sick give it some of this parfait to thicken it up! Dessert may be bad for your waistline but not for your hair! 🙂

Has a ton of great things like;
Cashmere &Silk Proteins,French Plum Oil which to show you (vs telling you) After 15 minutes takes my hair from Straw to….


Ohhhh…LaLaLaLa…. Soft, Shiny, Detangled, Full of Life, Able 2 Be Brushed WITHOUT PAIN!

This was a lovely thick, creamy, plum~scented parfait that my hair drank in…and it did my hair sooo good! It’s like holding spun silk in my hands and it revived my color! I did not need to add any leave~in or split end remmedy! No heat either!

I got these hair products from my September Ambassador box…and sometimes I feel like it’s an awnser to a prayer I didn’t know I would have yet! Sooo
I wanted to share with you what situations I am going through, what products I am using good, bad, so~so and sometimes W.T.H and O.M.G well pretty much everything in’s my way to reach out..and give out information, tips, tricks etc..that I am learning on my personal journey and quest for knowlegde!  I don’t get paid to be a blogger, I don’t get a single dime!
The reasons I do the blogging and vlogging are very simple. I desire that NO WOMAN EVER HAS TO FEEL LIKE I DID!

I really have felt so alone, alienated, angry,fusterated..the range of emotions! I found a waste of time, money, brain cells, sleep..sometimes out of desperation comes inspiration!

If your like me or in any way looking to find smart beauty products, more information or a place to be more social & proactive about your beauty check out the link below and get started!

Please make sure to come back and see what’s up…I promise I will keep writing as long and whitty as there is someone out there!

Thank you with all of my heart for allowing me to share my very long but true story & experience with you!

All My Best,

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