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How To and Live Demo of Flirty Little Secret Bronzer by Booty Parlor (by Davia Gorman)

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My Cravebox “A Taste of the Tropics” Review and Product Demo (by TheDAMLounge)

Hello, Dolls and Ken’s (Thanks Jimmie M)

This is my unboxing of my “Taste of The Tropics” Cravebox!! I was very excited to open it and find out the “beachy” theme. I had decided to instead of just blabbing on and on..(we all know I do) I would like of ways to use all of the items in something! Ta-dah…another how to video!

I received two packs of Sunsweet Plum Amazins (My baby ate one)
You can use these yummy little bites in a Strawberry & Spinach Salad Tossed in with a bit of Raspberry Vinaigrette!
 You can find out more on:

Lipton Tea&Honey 2go Packets
These Handy Dandy little powerhouses are packed with Mango, Pineapple, Green Tea and Honey..add 1/2 Pineapple Juice and 1/2 Cold water for a yummy refreshing drink!
Find out more on Twitter @lipton or FB..Lipton

With the food list almost out I also received a box of sea-shell shaped Belgian chocolates by GuyLian and since I cannot eat chocolate due to my Gastric Bypass Surgery I am going to save them to add into my first giveway or let my 6 year old eat them! They would be a great little treat to end the long summer day!
Find out more @Guylian_Chocs

With the next two items I figured that the best way to use them would be together as a quick way to get your hands/feet mani-pedi ready..I show each product and give a quick tip or two on using them to get date-night ready (live demo)

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Coconut Lime
I went on to TreeHut’s website and was impressed that the company has been around for ten years and they are dedicated to being natural and staying natural so beauty will not harm one single thing! With how thick and Lux the scrub is…added with the smell of summertime it’s no wonder that it was chosen to add to the Cravebox!

Find out more information on twitter@Tree_Hut or

Use this scrub on your hands and or feet making sure to rub well and to push back your cuticles to reveal soft mani/pedi ready parts!
Next add this product to keep your skin soft smooth and tear-free! It’s a great way to polish off your look!

Skintersection Intense Repair Cream
This stuff is sooooo thick and creamy that a little dab will do! It has a powerhouse of 9 ingredients that are designed to help prevent/heal dry cracking skin! It’s almost scent free so you don’t have to worry about it interfering with your choice of summer scent!
Find out more on twitter@skintersection

I hope you liked the demo..I never edit it..because I live my life unedited! I payed for the monthly subscription to Cravebox and to check them out for yourself visit them on:
Twitter @cravebox

Happy Summering